Sunday, April 8, 2007

hp iPAQ hx 2110

I used to have one of this model. It was a gift from my wife for my birthday 2 years back...heh..She knew that I love to play with a new "toy", so she bought this for me...heh..
I play with it for 1 day long...heh...never have a pda excited...This hp iPAQ hx 2110 run with Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Secomd Edition...I don't care too much about the other software included in this pda...I'm most concern about how I could use this pda to entertain myself like watching the video and listen to the music or playing the games...heh..
So, this pda does has the Windows Media player (ver 9.0 for Pocket PC) to play the video files and MP3 files...Game...there are 2 games preinstalled in this hp iPAQ hx 2110...most common game is of course - Solitaire...another game is Jawbreaker...(not really an entertaining game but its better than nothing)...
The display size is 3.5" TFT active matrix and its support 16 bit or 64k colors. Maximum resolution of the display is 240 x 320. hp iPAQ hx 2110 has a memory of 64Mb of RAM (SDRAM) and 64MB ROM (Flash memory). Its memory can be expandable as it has one slot for the SD card or a Compact Flash card. It uses Intel 312 MHzXscale as its processor. This model is equipped with a mic as its audio input type and a speaker as it audio output type (maximum speaker sound is not that loud, so you might want to use an earphone if you watch a video or listen to the music).The connectivity of hp iPAQ hx 2110 can be done through infrared, Bluetooth or USB cable.
As my work requires me to travel a lot, I need a medium to play a music file or a video file as my mobile entertaiment. And long before I bought my Mp4 player and my Portable DVD player, I used this pda to play my music and video file. Sound quality for Mp3 file is quite ok. In fact, you could setup your own music library and arrange it as per your convenience. However, I found that watching a movie from this pda is not that good enough. Even though the screen is quite big, most of the time the Windows Media player will automatically resize the screen of the movie to a smaller size. And the screen brightness is not that good enough to watch a video file. In fact, if you watch a video using this hp iPAQ hx 2110 in an open environment, you could see the flash of the light on your screen and its really disturbing...
So now, since I bought my Mp4 player and my Portable DVD player, I hardly use this pda. Now, I just keep it in my cabinet as one of my "toy" collection...heh...


RennyBA said...

I like all in one - that's why I have a Nokia 6680 - still;-)

sales said...

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Hi Sina,

Thanks for dropping by to my blog...and thanks also for subscribing to my feed...
Will keep posting interesting articles...

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